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Designed to offer improved mobility for those with limited flexibility, the Stannah Sadler Stairlift features an innovative saddle-style seat that allows you to retain a more upright posture when compared to traditional seated stairlifts.

Ideal for curved installations, the Stannah Sadler Stairlift operates on a twin-rail design that follows the contour of curved staircases perfectly. It stows neatly when not in use, and it is equipped with the latest in stairlift technology to ensure a seamless transition from one floor to another. All Stannah stairlifts are BS EN 81-40:2008 compliant, ISO9001:2008 accredited, and carry the CE Mark.

Line drawing of stairlift
  • 24 month warranty
  • Heavy Duty (25st/160kg)
  • Next day fitting
  • Choice of colours
  • Manual swivel Seat
  • Narrow fit
  • Innovative home stairlift for those with limited flexibility in the hips and knees.

  • Designed for curved staircases, it features a twin-rail design that allows installation on either side of the stairs.

  • The rails are available in six attractive colours to complement all interiors.

  • A unique saddle-style, tilting seat with non-slip footrest allows you to maintain a more upright position while offering full-leg support.

  • Easy to operate with light-touch controls in the armrest, it is customisable for left-hand or right-hand operation.

  • When not in use, the Sadler stairlift folds neatly with an arm-to-footrest link that allows you to stow it without bending.

  • Ideal for arthritic hands, it features an ergonomic seatbelt that fastens and unfastens with one hand. The stairlift will only operate once the safety belt is secured.

  • Wall-mounted controls allow you to summon the stairlift from another floor, without searching for remote controls.

  • Stone-coloured woven upholstery complements all colour schemes.

  • Moves silently from one floor to another so as not to disturb other family members.

AOverall width
BWidth of footrest
COverall folded depth
DOverall depth
EOverall height
FBack height

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