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About us

We have worked hard to ensure your peace of mind when buying a stairlift from the companies we work with. Not only have we carried out checks to ensure the companies are financially stable, we also continuously undertake independent reviews from past customers who have purchased. We honestly feel there is no better way to asses a company than by speaking to its customers.

Independent reviews

To date we have surveyed 626 customers, asking a range of questions to gauge how content they are with the product and service they have received. The current overall score is 93%. You can read the reviews here.

There is no better way to assess a company.

Our current overall ratings score with our customers is 93%.

Summary of all companies reviewed with Stairlift Comparison

Summary of all companies reviewed with Stairlift Comparison

Overall Rating:
Review Date: 24-Jun-2021
Buyer recommended?
Finished on time?
Did the job match the quote?
Left tidy afterwards?
Started on time?
Quality of the job?


4 Star Rated

We undertake regular surveys of customers who have purchased from our selected companies. Providing the reviews and ratings below:

Acorn Review
Overall Rating:
Additional Comments:
My only complaint is to the cost of service agreement as I feel the cost is too high. I will consider this again after my warranty expires after 12 months.
Acorn Review
Overall Rating:
Additional Comments:
My wife is 5 ft tall and her feet do not reach the foot rest. I was told by Acorn that there is no adjustment possible. Also it is painfully slow to reach its destination up or down. Recomend reading a book on the way.

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