Hi, I’m Emilia from StairLift Comparison and today we are going to do a video demonstration of a stair lift which is a great addition to your home, allowing you to keep your independence.

When you need the stair lift it's really simple to use. Just pull down the seat,adjust the arms in place and clip yourself in with the seatbelt for safety.

When you are ready and comfortable there’s a switch/toggle on either arm, so depending on whether you are left or right handed you can control the stair lift, there’s a slight delay for safety so there’s no need to keep pressing it. Once you are at the top of the stairs all you need to do is push the lever on your right, down, swivel the chair around so you are in line with the top step, lock your stairlift into place like so, pull the lever back up unclip yourself and remove yourself from the seat.

When the stair lift is not in use it can be simply put away by its easy to use foldable components making it nice and compact on your stairs, leaving enough room for other people to walk by when it's not in use.

With every stair lift installation you are given two remote controls so you can keep one at either end of the staircase. This way if the stair lift is up stairs and your husband or wife needs it downstairs all they need to do is click the button like so (Close up of the remote and button being clicked) and the Stair lift will be called down. The other great thing about having a remote control is, if you don’t want it on display when you have visitors round you can send the stair lift up stairs.

And there's your video demonstration of How to use a Stair lift. The great thing about the stairlifts featured on Stairlift comparison is we work with well known reputable companies who offer great benefits such as extended warranties and next day fitting! So You can be sure to find the perfect stair lift at the right price with Stair Lift Comparison -

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