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Customer Reviews

Review date : 14/09/2021

the visit by representative delivery and installation were without doubt very good and we would recommend the company

- Miss P

Review date : 10/09/2021

Delighted with my stairlift. It has made such a huge difference to my independence

- Mrs F

Review date : 29/08/2021

Parts missing, took 2 weeks to get job finished. Stair lift is fine, not happy with moving the handrail, basically it's a plank of wood a handrail screwed to it, very cheap and cheerful job, it's so far from the wall my son has difficulty passing handrail and Stair lift. I think you should put the original type, it was a pigs ear, at your expense

- Mr C

Review date : 28/08/2021

Very pleased with everything they have done would highly recommend Stannah to anyone

- Mr F

Review date : 09/08/2021

I was kept waiting in a queue to speak with somebody about the installation for 8 minutes, and then the line went dead after speaking with somebody for 2 minutes. I tried several numbers, because the one that I had been given when the stair lift was ready, was the wrong one. All in all, I spent over an hour to get to speak with anybody

- Mr C

Review date : 17/07/2021

From original phone enquiry through to the fitting crew. Everyone was so friendly and extremely professional. I can honestly say it was a total pleasure in dealing with Stannah and would recommend them without shadow of a doubt.

- Mr K

Review date : 30/06/2021

More expensive than I thought.

- Miss J

Review date : 11/06/2021

Nothing but praise for this company and their service. From initial phone call to completion. Very friendly, professional company. Only use local companies to where you want the stairlift installed and that are trusted by them. Excellent, superb, friendly and professional what more found you ask.

- Ms P

Review date : 03/06/2021

All the men that came to fit stairlift Plummer and electrician and stair lift man where very polite and cleaned up after there self so pleased with service would always recommend you thank you for making my husband life better

- Mr T

Review date : 24/05/2021

Was very happy with the product and the service

- Mr G

Review date : 18/05/2021

I'm very pleased with my Stannah stairlift. It's very slim when folded up and parked halfway upstairs (on trickle charge). There is no trip hazard at bottom of stairs from the rail as it automatically folds up out of the way when not in use.

- Ms G

Review date : 08/05/2021

Installation was brilliant, no mess at all, polite young men. We were shown all alternatives in price & cushion colour. We were also given various ways of paying & of course the “ buy back” choice. The company were all we expected.

- Mr F

Review date : 11/04/2021

My mother had a Stannah Stairlift about 1992 to 2001 when she died. We were satisfied with that one so naturally when I needed one we went back to the. All I can say is 'so far so good'. So far No regrets.

- Mr S

Review date : 18/03/2021

Very nice people to,do business with. From initial order to fitting full marks

- Mrs T

Review date : 12/03/2021

From assessor to,installer cannot speak highly enough of the company The actual piece of equipment does the job wonderfully and has enabled us to use all of the house and not have to,think about moving to,a bungalow. Again must enohasis the excellent service from sales to installation

- Mrs T

Review date : 09/03/2021

A trusted advisor told me that Stannah may not be the cheapest but the are the best. I would concur.

- Mr A

Review date : 19/02/2021

I found Stannah gave good sevice at avery competitive price

- Dr H

Review date : 08/02/2021

I had my lift second hand from relatives & Ive never had a problem with it in the seven years I’ve had it. I’ve now updated it for a Meditek. & had nothing but problems with it. I got my lift with help through my social worker & had to pay half the price towards it. I have friends that have stairlifts & stannah was the best. I’m looking for a replacement as my lift is just working, So the moral of the story cheap is not best as I’ve found out. Cheers, John

- Mr R

Review date : 07/02/2021

From start to finish the service provided was excellent. Payment was easy and not as expensive as I thought it would be. All round experience-very good!

- Mr C

Review date : 31/12/2020

This enquiry was simply to get a ‘budget figure’ for a possible installation.

- Mr C

Review date : 08/12/2020

Very pleased with the ease of operating although the hand control on the chair requires a fairly strong hand.

- Mr M

Review date : 04/12/2020

Everyone I spoke to was professional, knowledgeable and efficient.

- Mrs P

Review date : 01/12/2020

It was the perfect answer to our mobility problems. My partner hadn't been able to use the stairs for several weeks due to gout & breathlessness, Now he can. Perfect!

- Mrs G

Review date : 21/11/2020

really nice chairllift quiet and colour grey matched my decoration only one thing the foot stand is a different colour, but do not notice as I leave it in the up possition.

- Mrs D

Review date : 11/11/2020

We have been pleased with the installation of the stairlift. All went according to plan. The chosen lift fits our purpose and I can now visit upstairs, which I have not done for 2 years. The lift fits in well and does not look too obtrusive. The instruction book is very clear and will sort us out for future problems, if they occur. Thank you all at Stannah.

- Mrs T

Review date : 06/11/2020

They were very good from start to finish

- Mr C

Review date : 03/11/2020

We had problems from the start ,weeks from it being fitted we’re still wait for them to come back and make good the mistakes an problems

- Mrs F

Review date : 29/10/2020

Installers were excellent......very efficient.....clean.....left no mess......extremely satisfied with their work

- Mr S

Review date : 29/10/2020

Very light weight and easy to manage just the job.

- Mrs D

Review date : 23/10/2020

Excellent service from start to finish

- Mrs O

Review date : 21/10/2020

This stairlift is a Godsend as my husband has Alzheimer’s Disease and he is very unsteady now on his legs. It is a sturdy slimline lift and meets all his requirements. Thank you to all the staff who have been very helpful and informative. They came when they said they would and the installer wore his mask and was very aware of his COVID responsibilities. I would recommend Stannah Stairlift Co to anyone and everyone. Thank you for a good service. Marilyn Smith, Maghull, Liverpool.

- Mr S

Review date : 18/10/2020

Stannah provided me with excellent service and an excellent product which was fitted and commissioned quickly. The chair feels very sturdy and is easy to operate. It was good to have a choice of colour of seat and track to make it look less hospitally.

- Mr H

Review date : 13/10/2020

Everything was excellent

- Mrs C

Review date : 11/10/2020

Very quick installing it & good workers.

- Mrs L

Review date : 03/10/2020

cannot improve on exellent

- Mr K

Review date : 25/09/2020

No hard sell it sold itself

- Mr B

Review date : 25/09/2020

All Staff Brilliant from initial phone call to completed instakation

- Mr B

Review date : 21/04/2020

Despite the final quality being o.k. It was an extremely long process to get there due to manufacturing errors. After extensive surveys being carried out by Stanners rep. the stairlift was made incorrectly on two further occasions. I would say though that the response from the in-house staff was very good, It should have not been necessary.

- Mr. B

Review date : 21/04/2020

My stairlift is a great help to me I`m so glad to have one and would recommend the company who put it in

- Mr. D

Review date : 21/04/2020

We have had so much trouble with the stairlift Stannah recommended as their wonderful new flagship product. It`s bumpy and feels rickety, feels jerky and has broken down way too many times. Off the record the engineers tell us that it`s the design of this particular lift, but on the record they deny everything. Off the record they told us to demand a new one, on the record we got nowhere. Avoid like the plague. And on top of the rubbish stairlift, the customer service was appalling - they kept trying to tell us it was our fault it broke down, and one woman swore volubly at me. At one point we had a wheelchair user stuck upstairs in her bedroom unable to go downstairs for a whole day. I wouldn`t recommend them if they paid me. And we are expecting to move sometime soon, so I`m going to be looking for a new lift in the near future. Nothing but trouble

- Mr. B

Review date : 21/04/2020

Installed 20 years ago for use by my late wife. I have used it constantly for the last 10 years and couldn`t cope without it. It is serviced regularly every year by Stannah but as it is now obsolete if if breaks down in future spare parts are unlikely to be available. If I have to replace it it will be by another Stannah as I have found their equipment reliable

- Mr. M

Review date : 21/04/2020

The stairlift did not match the description given by the sales representative and I had to complain to Stannah directly. The company corrected the installation to closer match what had been promised but the salesman was not pleased that I had complained. The problem related to two installation faults. Firstly I had been told by the salesman that the bannister rail on the staircase would be removed so that the stairlift could be fitted as close to the wall as possible. This did not happen and I was disappointed that the stairlift rails encroached too far onto the stairway. I had also been led to believe that the stairlift would stop level with the top floor landing but this was not the case. Efforts to correct this problem brought some improvement but did not fully rectify it.

- Mr. D

Review date : 21/04/2020

I am in my eighties and live alone with my Airedale dog. I had a hard fall but broke no bones but the stairs were a problem.My family suggested I move to a downstairs bedroom and build a wet room in an extension. I preferred to stay in the matrimonial bed room, so looked for a stair lift. I received quotes. My family went round a large range of friends and acquaintances. Universally the answer was Hannah. While not the cheapest, I went with Hannah and have been well satisfied..

- Mr. A

Review date : 21/04/2020

Fitted by a local company whose service was first class

- Mr. F

Review date : 21/04/2020

Small window of time but Stannah did the business with quality and care. No fuss no bother, just sheer professionalism . System checks and assessments all help to keep the smooth running of the Stairlift on track and trouble free.

- Mr. D

Review date : 21/04/2020

Very impressed with all aspects of Stannah. Electricians and fitters were very kind - ideal for the job.

- Mr. M

Review date : 29/11/2017

Stannah customer service is avaricious and uncaring. Called asking for a visit to repair mother`s Stannah stairlift. No one turned up. Rang again and they said they had had no record of the request. Because it was by then late and the visit would now be out of hours, the call out charge had risen to £262-68p before any work was accounted for. When I pointed out my call was made in good time for them to visit in the day and it was THEIR mistake that no one turned up, they refused to reduce the rate to day-time. As a result, my mother spent a night in a chair until we got a local firm to turn out within a couple of hours and fix it for a total bill half the Stannah call-out rate, after which we`d have had to pay for parts and labour. I rate them 3 stars for the quality simply because it has been a decent lift but it`s minimum one star for everything else. Stannah should not be dealing with vulnerable people. They are caring, but only about their profits.

- Mr. T

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