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Customer Reviews

Review date : 26/01/2021

Terrible service, very vigilant at the start when we were interested in a quote followed by a catalogue of errors including a two week initial fitting, a mechanical problem so a broken stairlift blocking up the staircase!! First contacted them November, STILL waiting for someone to contact me after having spoken to five different people, all of them promising to quickly respond!!!! Go with an alternative!!!

- Mrs H

Review date : 19/01/2021

Poor surveychair to high to close to bottom stair to close to opposite side wall difficult to get on not enough fittings to secure it to wall had to extend track away from bottom stair because i couldn't get on seat from front only side with arm up

- Mrs H

Review date : 11/01/2021

Handicare engineer, Kenny, was hardworking, pleasant and helpful. Went out of his way to install the stairlift as soon as possible (worked on a Sunday). Customer is very happy!

- Mrs E

Review date : 07/01/2021

Very good service - no hastle - provided a straight forward quote with no hidden extras including 3 year cover. Did a great job with no mess and a full explanation of all the workings by a very pleasant young man.

- Mr E

Review date : 06/01/2021

service prior to fitment great could not do enough. Having a fault with lift, service poor

- Mr S

Review date : 05/01/2021

Installed within a month of first enquiry, including some structural work needed to staircase. All completed very efficiently.

- Ms B

Review date : 05/01/2021

Was not told that the stairlift would not rotate at 90 degrees at top of stairs. Means it is not easy getting on and off.

- Mr R

Review date : 03/01/2021

We used a local company who provide Handicare stair lifts (Surrey stair lifts). Because our need is only short term, we've gone for rental reconditioned. Wouldn't know it's not brand new. Really good service + basic lift does what it says on the tin, so very pleased.

- Mrs G

Review date : 17/12/2020

quick and efficient

- Mr P

Review date : 07/12/2020

the stairlift itself is absolutely fine so far but the process of getting it was marked by chaos and inefficiency in terms dates, times and specification

- Mr D

Review date : 29/11/2020

Very pleased with general all round service

- Mr H

Review date : 24/11/2020

personable rep, fitting booked after second visit advised by company to re-check dimensions, all ok

- Mr B

Review date : 20/11/2020

Everything good apart from customer service. Also foot rest only takes my heels rather than whole foot. But that is not a problem for me.

- Mrs A

Review date : 19/11/2020

Surveyor & installers were excellent. However, when trying to contact the office before the install, messages were left, with promises that someone would ring back, in a moment / soon / very soon, no one ever did.

- Mr G

Review date : 09/11/2020

I was really impressed with the sales rep who came out, he made sure the stairlift was suitable for my husband & measured his height to get the stairlift right. It was a good price, took about 1 to 1 and half hours for fitting. Very pleased with it.

- Mrs S

Review date : 29/10/2020

A good start to what I hope will be a mutually beneficial service.

- Mr W

Review date : 27/10/2020

Very helpful and 2 years warranty instead of just 1 offered by some others. They were not the cheapest but price matched the other company which we considered. The salesman was very pleasant and knowledgeable and not at pushy.

- Mrs W

Review date : 17/10/2020

a great product great price great installer. My Mother loves her stair lift, its easy to use safe and comfortable and was fitted in less than half a day. For a lift with 4 bends thats excellent. It has given my Mother a new lease of life.

- Mr E

Review date : 07/10/2020

Service within 24 hours is not true

- Mr M

Review date : 07/10/2020

Excellent for my narrow stairway, and easy to use

- Mrs J

Review date : 05/10/2020

There were a few hiccups getting the stairlift installed but the end result is excellent. Would definitely recommend Handicare

- Mr H

Review date : 03/10/2020

Excellent service from Scott who fitted my stairlift.

- Mr C

Review date : 01/10/2020

The cost and product was what we expected. Very pleased indeec

- Mrs S

Review date : 28/09/2020

Had acorn stair lift for a quote. Much higher quote than handicare and they talk down the compition

- Mr P

Review date : 27/09/2020

My husband is very pleased with it.

- Mrs C

Review date : 28/04/2020

We believe we were mis sold the product to some degree having based our decision to purchas rather tha hire on the understanding that we would be able to sell on after we no longer needed it. Whilst we knew the provider and installer would not buy back we were left with the confirmatio from the sales person we would have no trouble selling on a at a later date. Needless to say after hours spent trying on the internet and numerous phone calls to the supplier we were unable to sell and due to our circumstamces they agreed to remove the stair lift and re imburse us £200.00 fo the nearly £4,000 we paid only a couple of months earlier.Outrageous really and we would have defimntiley hired had we know this would happen and the likelihodd we would have relatively short use of the product.

- Mr. P

Review date : 21/04/2020

This stair lift has the latest friction drive - no cogs, chains or wracks. Runs smoothly, quietly and fast. Bench seat liked by the user. Installers excellent. It was a fraction of the price of conventional stair lifts and is neater (narrower).

- Mr. A

Review date : 21/04/2020

No probs

- Mr. A

Review date : 21/04/2020

Very impressed with methods used for, and degree of accuracy of technical survey. Customer service a bit poor as they missed the fact that we had asked for a coloured rail so they gave us their standard cream. They said it was too late to correct their own error. Nevertheless, all other aspects of the transaction were perfect.

- Mr. A

Review date : 21/04/2020

Great stair lift and excellent service we have limited space at the foot of the stairs and the lift installed has a moving rail which is perfect for our situation. The only thing is that the rail has to be cleaned and oiled regularly if you can manage this I would highly recommend this type of lift.

- Mr. S

Review date : 21/04/2020

A wonderful & easy to use company

- Mr. C

Review date : 28/09/2016

Pulled out all the stops to fit ihelp me

- Mr. L

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