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Companion Stairlifts

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Customer Reviews

Review date : 13/09/2021

Companion stair lifts were no nonsense and easy to deal with. They talked about their products and were extremely professional. Pricing was competitive , the quality of service was was excellent and the lift was installed within a week. Sterling service and I would definitely recommend.

- Mr C

Review date : 06/09/2021

Not yet complete!

- Mr F

Review date : 02/09/2021

Not yet complete.

- Mr F

Review date : 06/08/2021

Excellent quality and feels very safe

- Mrs S

Review date : 22/07/2021

The company, surveyor, stairlift excellent. I had issues with the fitter or he with me but customer service sorted the problem and I don't think it will happen again.

- Mr B

Review date : 21/05/2021

First class service throughout... Ensuring we got the correct stair lift made especially for us and excellent fitters...and after service 1st class.

- Ms P

Review date : 30/04/2021

Chair goes up right hand side, left handside chair delivered in mislabelled box. Had arranged to be there for 4 hrs, had to then arrange another 4 hrs on another day. Took them 10 days to come back. The reps from all 3 companies Acorn and Hannah] quoted say controls are very easy, but my mother with mild dementia found them difficult to sequence, especially remembering to put both arms down.

- Mrs M

Review date : 25/04/2021

So far so good? !

- Mrs M

Review date : 11/02/2021

Brilliant service from start to finish

- Mr B

Review date : 11/02/2021

There were some delays to the original timing but they were nothing to do with Companio

- Mr.

Review date : 19/01/2021


- Mr P

Review date : 20/12/2020

Wonderful company I will highly reccomend companion to any one thank you so much

- Mrs H

Review date : 13/12/2020

Top quality service, highly recommended.

- Mr B

Review date : 07/12/2020

Cancelled the order after the installation date was moved TWICE because “a piece of the rail was missing at the depot”.

- Mrs W

Review date : 05/12/2020

pleased we chose Handicare efficient engineers installed the chairlift and caused no problems with surrounding decorations

- Mr T

Review date : 17/11/2020

Very satisfied with everything.

- Mr C

Review date : 13/11/2020

The service of the man which sold me the stairlift was very good, also the man that came out and took measurements was good. When it arrive it didn’t fit, young fitter said we get this a lot. He made it fit by changing the angles, but it goes quite high before going up stairs and if you were tall you would hit your head. Had to go with it as we were desperate . But it works and does the job.

- Mrs T

Review date : 29/10/2020

From the initial phone call enquiry to the installation of the stairlift, every single person at Companion could not have been more friendly, polite and professional.

- Mrs S

Review date : 22/10/2020

a real life-changer! thank you.

- Ms H

Review date : 20/10/2020

Still can't use it as apparently it's my halls fault??

- Mrs M

Review date : 16/10/2020

Charges anywhere on the rail, comfortable, smooth, quiet operation, very pleased.

- Mr A

Review date : 14/10/2020


- Mr S

Review date : 07/10/2020

I chose this company because they were competitive on price! From the outset they were friendly knowledgeable and helpful Their COVID policies were excellent

- Miss M

Review date : 22/04/2020

Needed stairlift urgently. It was installed within 48 hours. Only had it 6 months but had no problems as yet. It`s been a lifesaver for me.

- Mr. D

Review date : 21/04/2020

Stairlift to high when at bottom of stair Approx 7 inch from floor Requiring a slide of seat Had 4 visits for different faults In 11 months This is there latest model The repair guys are quick to come out And have been very good.

- Mr. E

Review date : 21/04/2020

was very good answered all my questions got a few quotes from other dealers said they would not be beaten on price, prices was varied, but l decided to go with companion and they was true to their word and matched the price of other dealers fitted in a few days and l am very happy.

- Mr. S

Review date : 21/04/2020

first class stairlift. ,excellent customer service ,fast installation with out any damage to decorating or property. very small com pact running track . I am very pleased with everything

- Mr. E

Review date : 21/04/2020

Great to use but it is noisy. Beeping can drive you nuts and the electric footplate noise even makes the dogs jump. Still really happy with it though.

- Mr. A

Review date : 07/08/2019

Initially we had good service - they were the quickest to be able to install a stair lift and speed of installation was extremely important at the time. However the stair lift is no longer needed but I was given every indication at the time that dismantling the lift would be easy to arrange. Now I am told that there has been a change of policy and lifts are no longer dismantled and removed when no longer needed, leaving me with a problem of how to get the lift properly dismantled so that it can be refitted if necessary in the future. They will not buy it back so I don`t want to discard it in case I need it for myself in the future. Given that many other purchasers are likely to be in a similar position I find this an extraordinary view to take and very definitely not in the interests of customers.

- Mr. T

Review date : 04/02/2019

Not a very good start salesman in house on Thursday explained everything which was simple and good price as he left we was on phone ordering our stair lift and paid deposit was told surveyed would be on the 4feb at 12 noon as he never turned up I phoned companion to be told sorry there’s been a mixup and the surveyor wil be with you at six o’clock as he as two appointments at2 pm and 4pm I thought 12noon came before 2pm and 4 pm not amused

- Mr. O

Review date : 18/06/2018

Delivered on time and competitive price. Engineer clean, tidy and polite. Good company to deal with.

- Mr. S

Review date : 18/06/2018

They provide professional friendly service with quality equipment at an affordable price

- Mr. R

Review date : 17/11/2016

I would not buy from Companion anything again, the reason being the guy who did the negotiation with me, when I tried to phone him back to ask a question, I could not get hold of him ,it was as if it is now someone else"s problem/concern. Apart from that, the call centre girls were first class, told me what I wanted the know and not what I wanted to hear. The installation engineer was first class also.

- Mr. M

Review date : 28/09/2016

a great product with sliding track so no need for hinges if by a door. great product, made to order.

- Mr. A

Review date : 16/05/2016

Excellant product , Excellant service.

- Mr. D

Review date : 14/05/2016

The product did not match up to the glossy brochure image portrayed

- Mr. S

Review date : 14/05/2016

I found the installation service was excellent , but the sales service was poor. the information regarding the loan was wrong as was the installation time was inaccurate. the loan deal had to be sorted three times, including twice whilst we were signing up. The only reason we continued with the sale was my wife needed the stairlift urgently.

- Mr. F

Review date : 14/05/2016

Chairs and operation very good, operation of remote selectors questionable.

- Mr. S

Review date : 13/05/2016

I was not told about the height the wife would be at the first bend in the stairs which I think is totally too much. Also the first fitters that came to the house made a complete mess of installing the lift, the wife`s Knees hit the oppersit wall and the newel post, also the elec wire ring was a mess. The second and different fitters moved and refixed the track, also sorted out the elect a much better job, now wife`s knees don`t hit wall or post. I have called the company out to sort out two different promblams which was done very well and on time .

- Mr. J

Review date : 13/05/2016

First design did not fit well and gave a rough ride which was not acceptable. Second design was much better. It has worked well for the past few weeks and we are pleased to have it. No idea how it compares with other designs or firms who may well also give ruough rides?

- Mr. S

Review date : 13/05/2016

Cheapest of three quotes I obtained. No hassle sales technique. Quick response to any problems.

- Mr. S

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