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Age UK Stairlifts Reviews

Age UK Stairlifts

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Customer Reviews

Review date : 28/07/2021

Slightly disappointed that we were not quoted their lowest price in the first instance. Installation was quick and efficient.

- Mr F

Review date : 30/06/2021

Ask me after I have used the lift for a year. Seems to work alright after insallation four weeks ago

- Mr C

Review date : 26/06/2021

Comprehensive and cohesive

- Mr C

Review date : 22/06/2021

To early to know much about reliability. Hoping all will be well. It all a big Gamble

- Mr C

Review date : 14/06/2021

Most things about the stairlift are good but there are 2 joints in the track, one is excellent the other is rocky and rumbles quite loudly. The first engineer who came to repair it agreed it was poor but could not improve it. He said a more knowledgeable engineer would come to decide if it could be repairs or replaced. That second engineer, who was the person who fitted it in the first place, visited and denied at first there was anything wrong with it but then agreed it wasn't perfect and s

- Mr P

Review date : 03/06/2021

Has been an excellent investment given me an independence that I didn’t previously have. The handicare installer was very good and informative. Would highly recommend the company.

- Mr N

Review date : 27/04/2021

When I had occassion to speak to their staff over the telephone they were extremely helpful. I could not fault them.

- Mrs F

Review date : 13/04/2021

There was a delay in the installation and I struggled to speak to a manager to resolve this. Finally once I did they took my dissatisfaction seriously and pulled out all the stops to get the stair lift installed ASAP

- Mrs S

Review date : 10/04/2021

Handicare via Age UK

- Dr L

Review date : 06/04/2021

Despite a problem setting up and time taken installer was patient, polite, very helpful .

- Mrs D

Review date : 26/03/2021

Good service well done

- Mr H

Review date : 18/03/2021

Stair lift installed 4weeks ago no problems yet .?

- Mr M

Review date : 12/03/2021

Age UK provide Handicare Stairlifts which are fitted by Handicare. Their service is excellent and if you have a cheaper quote they will match it without quibble.. The surveyor from Handicare and one from Acorn came on Monday and after discussions with both firms office regarding price etc ours was ordered on a Tuesday and was fitted on Thursday!!! Amazing service..

- Mr L

Review date : 05/03/2021

Track a little ugly and bends not that tight. Our model has a toggle that isn't that clever.. an elderly person getting on the chair gripping for a hand hold will find the toggle a nuisance. Company changed this to other side which was better for us. Service impeccable though.

- Mr H

Review date : 01/03/2021

Brilliant service from time of telephone to fitting. Excellent service.

- Mrs S

Review date : 25/01/2021

very helpful, no sales pitches, quick and helpful service

- Mr R

Review date : 18/01/2021

Very happy to deal with AGE UK, listened to our needs. They were excellent.

- Mr G

Review date : 16/11/2020

The price was very good and from quote to installation was only just over a week. I am extremely pleased with the service and the safety and freedom it has given my husband

- Mrs C

Review date : 22/10/2020

Too early to see if it meets expectations

- Mr G

Review date : 09/10/2020

We have had a problem and they are very slow to responed

- Mrs B

Review date : 05/10/2020

The installation date doubled from the sales estimate,(miss selling?) the fitter didn’t turn up on the day and no one apart from us waiting New he wasn’t at call,no apologies. Not their fault however stairlift had to be deinstalled and they gave a 5 week later date. I promised it would be in the front garden within a week, the date got changed to a few days later. They promised at least a bunch of flowers for my mum because of the problems..they never turned up. Absolutely very poor cu

- Mr P

Review date : 28/09/2016

The stairlift is excellent but the customer service from the installation company needs attention.

- Mr. B

Review date : 13/05/2016

I bought a perch stairlift after hip replacements with the prospect of having it converted to a seated version when necessary.

- Mr. P

Review date : 13/05/2016

I would buy again only because of the price.. I think the customer service could have been better. An error was made with the measurements so it took twice as long for delivery. Requested a replacement seat due to damage .. Requested to pay monthly for a year.. They deducted the whole amount.. One call out which was fairly quick.

- Mr. G

Review date : 13/05/2016

I wouldn`t want to be without my stairlift now.

- Mr. H

Review date : 13/05/2016

Age uk suffers because of its three way split in handling orders - 1. surveyor does the measuring up and draws up basic spec. 2. passes to Age who confirm and quote price to customer. 3. Age passes to Handicare who build the package and do the installation. Mistakes happen: Surveyor missed off top curve and stop point. Then installed to wrong plan. Age via Handicare then redesigned top to match original requirement and rebuilt. Correetion service OK but time consuming, aggravating and takes the gloss off. i LIKE MY ORDERS TO BE FULFILLED CORRECTLY FIRST TIME WITHOUT HASSLE.

- Mr. P

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