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Review date : 23/08/2021

- Mr R

Review date : 12/08/2021

- Mr A

Review date : 28/07/2021

- Mr D

Review date : 10/07/2021

We had a rented stairlift which was Fitted & removed with professionalism.

- Mr H

Review date : 04/07/2021

Very friendly and efficient service from start to finish.

- Mr A

Review date : 17/06/2021

Much better than previous unit

- Mr B

Review date : 06/06/2021

Hard to get reply in first instance but once on board the service was good.

- Mrs T

Review date : 11/04/2021

- Mr M

Review date : 09/04/2021

- Mrs C

Review date : 23/02/2021

Very fast installation extremely good customer service just the job to get my mum up and down the stairs.

- Mrs B

Review date : 02/02/2021

- Miss B

Review date : 07/01/2021

- Mr W

Review date : 04/12/2020

- Ms N

Review date : 20/11/2020

the best I could have got

- Mrs J

Review date : 15/11/2020

Does what I bought it to do.

- Mrs C

Review date : 08/11/2020

You send me a survey I was not put in touch with anyone dreadful service

- Mrs. P

Review date : 23/10/2020

- Mr N

Review date : 21/10/2020

Excellent service, very helpful and good quality product. Fitted quickly with no mess.

- Ms C

Review date : 02/10/2020

- Mr. H

Review date : 27/04/2020

Considering the world situation at present my order was dealt with surprisingly quickly. The suppliers kept in touch. Installed when they said that they would. Installation done quickly & without fuss. So far so good! Michael Clay.

- Mr. L

Review date : 23/04/2020

Got a flyer through door they did survey after phone call was excellent explained everything 2 days later installed by excellent engineer Steve No fuss or mess brilliantly done explained everything How to work stair lift would definitely recommend and yes again

- Mr. R

Review date : 21/04/2020

- Mr. M

Review date : 10/01/2019

- Mr. A

Review date : 09/01/2019

If I had to buy again it certainly wouldn’t be from snowdrop nothing but trouble since purchase and charged for every call out

- Mr. S

Review date : 09/01/2019

i really enjoy this stair lifter it helped me immensely!!!!!!! the vibrating it releases while going up the stares is highly relaxing ;)

- Mr. O

Review date : 22/06/2018

Fine when working but in the 2 months since installation we have had to call for an engineer 4 times. Since the stairlift is essential for my wife to get upstairs good reliability is essential. I am about to lodge an official complaint.

- Mr. L

Review date : 20/06/2018

Got a big reduction of quoted price after informing them of lower quote from other Co. Lift installed was not as shown by surveyor but is good in all respects.

- Mr. L

Review date : 18/06/2018

Took 7 weeks to be fitted after initial order. No complaints about stair lift but would not recommend because of the delay in fitting.

- Mr. C

Review date : 03/01/2018

This a good company for service and has good staff. However I have difficulty in recommending or buying the product again mainly due to its finance department and paperwork. Such as they ask you to email them when you made the payment but never has decency to acknowledge it. Their response - "We allow 30 days for payment if we do not get payment, we send a reminder" They do not consider stress it will cause to old people who have made the payment by cheque or bank transfer ( the cheapest way to payment for the company) . After all cheques could get lost in post or old people may make a mistake in entering details on bank transfer. However they do ask you to tell them by email that you have made the payment but do not bother to acknowledge. I feel IF Stannah considers itself a caring company and respect their hardworking installation and maintenance staff, it should sort out its communications stream and (I consider) arrogance of its finance department. After all asking someone to email them and them not acknowledging it (in my mind) is arrogance.

- Mr. S

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