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What is the minimum width of the staircase a stairlift can be fitted to?

A minimum staircase width of 29 inches is required by most individuals if they are to use a stairlift safely and in comfort. If you're concerned your stair case may to too narrow certain manufacturers makes lifts specifically to fit narrow staircase.

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How long do is it take to install?

Straight stairlifts should be relatively easy to install and can take as little as a few hours. Curved lifts will take much longer as the track on which the chair runs will have to be custom made to fit your staircase, and therefore take longer to fit. In some cases the stairlift can be fitted next day - *Depending on your consultation.

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What is the maximum weight?

Standard weight limit of 140kg/22st for a straight lift
Standard weight limit of 125kg/19.5st for a curved lift

If the user exceeds these weight limit (and each lift will have a different limit) contact us to see if a specialist option is available.

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What if a door is in the way of the track?

If the track to the stairlift interferes with a door or any other obstacle a Slide Track or Hinged Track could be the answer.

Higed Track: allows you to fold away the bottom section of the stairlift when its not being used to avoid obstruction to dor access.

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Slide Track: Is slightly shorter than the length of the stircase and moves with you as your travel up and down the stairs. This is useful if both the bottom and top of the stairs could be obstructed by the track.

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How is a stairlift fitted?

A Stair Lift is fitted to the stairs not the wall so it can be easily removed without a trace if needed.

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Can a stairlift go around bends?

Yes a stairlift can be made to go around bends however this would have to be specially made to fit your staircase.

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How do I get on and off?

A stairlift has a simple on/off button under the chair. Most individuals keep the stairlift on for the majority of the time to help charge the back up battery.

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Can other people still use the stairs when a stairlift is installed?

Yes, the stair lift folds up to allow users to walk up and down the staircase with ease.
Here's a photo:

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