Outdoor stair lift

Often steps leading to your front door or even steps from your garden to your back door can pose problems if you suffer from limited mobility. Modern stairlifts can be fitted outside to enable you to regain independence in your own home.

Outdoor stairlifts are in essence the same as an indoor lift, with the addition of being designed and built to withstand the outdoor elements. Most modern lifts will be waterproof, with most components are made of aluminum and are powered coated for protection. Plastic components should be heat and uv treated again to protect from weather, namely the sun. For added protection a cover can be purchased.

All the features of a normal stair lift can be found on an outdoor model. Depending on the suppliers such features include; soft start/stop, safety stop sensors, lockable isolation switch and a lockable box housing the controls.

As with indoor lifts, outdoor lifts will require regular servicing to ensure it is kept in good working order and safe to use.

An on-site visit will probably be necessary before purchasing to ensure that it can be fitted and suitable for use. When deciding which suppliers to buy from consider the price offered, the warranty length and what is covered and the backup service offered i.e. how long before the lift can be fixed is something goes wrong.