Move house or stay at home - can a stairlift help

As we age there often comes a point in our lives when we feel it’s time to move out of the family home. This may be due to financial issues, no need for such a large home, garden too large to maintain and various other factors.

At we often hear similar stories, but mainly due to the fact that the stairs have become a major safety issue, or lack of mobility mean the stairs can no longer be climbed.

As a result, often those suffering will simply live on the ground floor of the home, or even consider moving into a bungalow or flat. Often, a stairlift has not been considered as a solution to this problem. But, if we look at the cost of having a stairlift installed against the cost of moving we can see that moving home isn’t the only answer.


Cost of Stairlift V’s Moving Home

A survey by property portal showed that the average cost of moving house in the UK has more than tripled over the last 10 years, to nearly £9,500. This comprises of:

·        Stamp Duty
·        Estate Agent Fees
·        Solicitors Fees
·        Surveyors Fees
When you compare this cost against the cost of a stairlift which can start from as little as £1,500 for a new straight lift, the financial savings of staying in your own home are considerable.

In addition to the financial savings, you also have to consider the stress associated with moving and emotional turmoil of leaving your family home.