Heavy Duty Stairlifts

Information on heavy duty stair lifts for people over 20 stone. We receive regular questions via our website from UK customers looking to source stairlifts that are rated to carrying people over 20 stone. You should always declare the weight of intended user/s at the time of you home survey to ensure the lift meets the requirements.

Finding a heavy duty stairlift is not always easy, as most major manufacturers including Sabre, Acorn and Companion only rate their standard lifts up to around 19 stone. Many stairlifts are also limited to the size of the seat that can be installed on the lift track. Some companies may consider a bespoke solution, however this is normally dependent on the results of a home survey. There are some heavy duty stairlifts available which cater for heavier users, these lift can carry up to 28 stone.

If a curved stairlift is required this can be even more complex due to engineering issues with a curved track.

With the predicted increase in the bariatric population in the UK we may see the introduction of many more heavy duty stairlifts by the main UK manufactures in the future.

If you wish to arrange a survey for a stairlift for a person over 20 stone simply fill out the application form opposite.