Our recent survey has shown some interesting results. We already knew that a stairlift would enhance the quality of life for those who needed a stairlift, but to what extent we didn’t know. Our recent survey has shown that most users have reported an improvement in their quality of life. With 54% giving a maximum 5/5 and only 2% scoring 1/5 stars, this shows us the importance of stairlifts. The sooner a stairlift is installed the sooner you can benefit.

pie chart  

Interestingly, when asked if the user would “Buy Again” 84.6% answered “Yes”. Showing not only does a stairlift improve the user’s quality of life, but also as you would expect they would buy again.

pie chart

The overall satisfaction of the survey also showed that most suppliers are highly rated scoring not less than 4 out of 5 stars across the categories; Quality, Reliability, Value For Money and After Sale.

The survey overall, we believe demonstrates the high standards of the market place, with excellent overall customer satisfaction.

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