Stairlift seats can be purchased with many different types of seat each with special features that can benefit your individual needs. As well as coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, many of our partners offer customisable upholstery so that your new stairlift is in-keeping with your home décor.

Scroll down for a description of each of the main types of seat and how they can benefit your situation.

Basic Seat

Basic seats feature a flat base with a back rest and two armrests. They are designed simply for the user to hop on and move up or down the staircase. Many basic seats can be fitted with a seatbelt for extra security, while many also feature foldable seats and armrests. These seats are ideal for homes in which space around the stair area is at a premium.

Ergonomically Designed Seat

Ergonomically designed seats often have more of a luxury feel and are built more for comfort than convenience compared with their more basic counterparts. Moulded backrests and plush upholstery are two common features of these types of seat. If space around your staircase is limited, these seats may not be suitable. However, if you have the room, the extra comfort provided by one of these seats may make it an attractive option.

Child Seat

As the name suggests, these seats are suitable for a child to use. These seats will be cushioned for extra comfort and to make smaller children feel secure as they travel up and down the stairs. These seats will be fitted with specifically designed restrainer belt to ensure maximum safety while the child is using the lift.

Saddle Seat

Shaped like a bike saddle, rather than the flatter design of a standard seat - saddle seats have an innovative and unusual design. Saddle seats are designed for people with specific health problems in their hips, knees or upper body. These users may find it difficult to get into and out of a standard stairlift seat. Many saddle seats also feature a lowering, raising and tilting function to facilitate easy transfer to and from the lift.

Perch Seat

Perfect for people with very narrow staircases, or for people who struggle to bend their legs, a perch seat is a unique type of lift chair. When using a stairlift with a perch seat, the user effectively remains in a standing position, keeping their legs almost at full extension. A perch stairlift greatly benefits a number of conditions, including those involving knee and hip pain, while also acting as a handy space saver.

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