Selling second hand stairlifts

Tips on how to sell an unwanted stairlift.... Selling a Second Hand Stairlift.

We often receive phone calls from our visitors asking if we would buy back a second hand stairlift. The short answer is no…. But there are ways in which you can sell an unwanted stairlift.

There a few options available to you.

You can advertise the lift privately on sites such as Ebay or specialist mobility sites.

Contact the original manufacturer and see if they would consider purchasing back.

Contact a company that specialises in selling reconditioned stairlifts.

In our opinion, it can prove difficult to sell a second hand stairlift especially one with a curved track, as the track would have been made bespoke to suit your staircase. Contacting a company that sell recondition lifts may well be the best option. You may not receive as much money as you would like but they will remove and take away the lift, which in itself is not an easy job.

Companies which specialise in reconditioned stairlifts:

Sabre Stairlifts - Freephone 0800 074 70 74


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