A stairlift is a lifeline for many and a smart investment for any family home, but what happens if you no longer need it or use it? Can you remove a stairlift without causing damage to the staircase? Are there companies who will take your old stairlift away?

this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about stairlift removal, including tips on selling, recycling, and relocating your stairlift to a new property.

How To Remove A Stairlift

If you are wondering, how do I get a stairlift removed, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many options available, and you could even get some money for it if it is in good working condition.

Leading manufacturers such as Stannah and Companion will remove an old stairlift for you free of charge if you upgrade to a newer model. And many reputable companies in the UK uninstall stairlifts for a nominal fee, providing they can recondition and recycle them for a small profit or sell them for scrap value.

Stairlift removal is relatively easy when you know how, but it’s a job best left to the professionals. It is easier to remove straight stairlifts than curved stairlifts, but both can cause damage to your staircase and the stairlift if not removed correctly. For this reason, we always recommend using a trusted manufacturer or removal company rather than tackling the job as a DIY project.

How To Recycle A Stairlift

If your stairlift has seen better days, one of the best ways to dispose of it is recycling. Many stairlift recycling companies in the UK will remove your unwanted stairlift and take it to a recycling centre, where it will be scrapped for parts and disposed of responsibly. Some companies remove stairlifts free of charge, while others charge a fee of around £500 to cover costs and labour so, it's a good idea to shop around. Bear in mind that any company removing your stairlift must have a Waste Carriers Licence to dispose of it legally, so ask to see a copy of this for peace of mind.

How To Sell A Stairlift

If you no longer need your stairlift and it is still in good working order, you could try to sell it privately via your local classifieds or an auction site. However, many stairlifts are custom made to fit specific staircases and may need costly adaptions to suit other staircases. When choosing this option, you should include the cost of having your stairlift removed professionally by a trusted removal company to avoid damage to your staircase.

How To Donate A Stairlift To Charity

While most stairlifts are custom designed, it may be possible to donate a straight stairlift to your local charity if it is still relatively new and in perfect working order. You should contact your preferred charity before donating, as not all can accept them. Alternatively, there are stairlift removal companies in the UK who will remove your stairlift free of charge, recondition and resell it, and donate a percentage of the proceeds to charity on your behalf.

How To Relocate A Stairlift

Due to the bespoke nature of stairlifts, relocating them to a new staircase is not an easy process, but it may be possible to move a straight stairlift to a new home with slight adjustments to the rails. Your original provider may assist with this; if not, they should be able to recommend someone who can help with stairlift relocation.

Scrapping A Stairlift UK

While you can scrap a stairlift in the UK, they contain several different materials and have little scrap value. If you are trying to dispose of an old or damaged stairlift, a better option is to call your local stairlift removal company to dismantle it and take it away for a small fee.

Stairlift Removal FAQs

Will Stairlift Removal Companies Take My Old One Away?

Yes, they will. If your stairlift is still in good working order and less than five years old, most removal companies will remove it free of charge. Alternatively, if you upgrade to a newer model, your new provider may offer to buy back your old stairlift or give you a discount against your new one.

Does Stairlift Removal Damage Staircases?

No, providing it is removed by a professional removal company. You may notice small holes where the rails were attached to the walls, and there may be some minor indentations in your stair carpet, but you can fix these with filler and a carpet steamer.

How Long Does It Take To Remove A Stairlift?

Stairlift removal companies can remove straight stairlifts in as little as one hour, but it may take longer for a curved stairlift, depending on the complexity of the installation. Any reputable company will tell you how long it will take to remove and how much it will cost before you sign on the dotted line, so make sure you get a written quotation before you commit.

Should I Remove My Stairlift Before Selling My Home?

Stairlifts can add value to a property, so if yours is modern, clean, and fully functional, there is no reason to remove it before trying to sell your home. It could be just what the buyer is looking for. If, on the other hand, it is old and unreliable, you should consider removing it so that any potential buyers do not see it as a negative feature that will take time and money to remove.

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