A stairlift can be both a significant personal decision as well as a large financial decision. Losing your ability to climb the stairs safely and effectively could mean losing a whole floor of your house, forcing you into renovating a downstairs room as a repurposed bedroom as well as building bathing facilities. This can dramatically reduce the size of your house and be extremely costly especially considering the rooms upstairs already suit your needs.

Similarly, you could consider downsizing and moving into a bungalow and eliminate stairs from your house completely.

However, the average cost of buying, selling and moving in 2019 is £8,885.66 (the average cost of a stairlift is far cheaper than this), which doesn’t account for the stress associated with moving and how difficult it can be to find the perfect property for you.

Purchasing a stairlift can be a cost-effective way of retaining your independence, removing family worry and allow you to live in the home you cherish.

You should consider purchasing a stairlift if:

• Your house has more than one floor and you’re struggling to move around the house.
• A trip or fall on the stairs could have a serious impact on your health.
• If you wish to reduce worry and reassure your family members of your safety.
• The aches and pains associated with getting older could be alleviated by a stairlift installation.
• If you feel dizzy or out of breath when climbing the stairs.

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