Parent mobility issues can be worrying, especially if your parents insist on living independently in the home that they love but, there are things you can do, such as installing a stairlift, to make things safer for them.

If you would like to raise the issue with your mum and dad, but don’t know how to discuss with your parents needing a stairlift, this article will help you broach this sensitive subject, while letting your loved ones know that you only have their best interests at heart.

Why Your Parent Needs A Stairlift

You’ve spotted the signs, you’ve noticed the bruises from bumps and falls, and now it’s time to tell your parents that they need a stairlift to remain safe and self-sufficient in their home. But how do you start?

1. Do Your Research

There are many different types of stair lifts available to suit all types of staircases. Before you discuss installing a stairlift with your parents, do some research to find models that you think they will like, gather prices, and gain as much information as possible so that you can overcome any issues that they raise and convince them that it really is the right choice for their home.

2. Raise Your Concerns

If your parents are fiercely independent, and you are worried about offending them, raise the subject gently in an informal setting, such as at the end of family lunch when they are less likely to feel like it’s an ambush on their home. Focus more on your concerns for their safety, rather than any mobility issues they may be facing, and perhaps most importantly of all, give them time to process the information and don’t press for a decision straight away.

3. Highlight The Wealth Of Benefits That Come With A Stair Lift

Stairlifts have come a long way in recent years, and they are more aesthetically pleasing than ever before. Modern, streamlined, and designed to slot seamlessly onto any staircase, they glide silently on narrow rails, they fold for storage when not in use, and they include a host of security features to keep your parents safe. They are economical to run, and most importantly of all; they make navigating stairs a breeze. Once your parents realise the long list of benefits, they will become more open to the idea.

4. Explain How It Will Help Them Stay Independent At Home

If your parents own a two or three-storey property a stairlift may be the only viable option for them to remain in their home if they get an injury, become less mobile due to arthritis or osteoarthritis, or lose their vision. With a stair lift, they’ll still be able to access all floors and won’t have to worry about building an extension or renovating their home to make it accessible when stairs are no longer an option.

5. Discuss The Financial Savings They Could Make In The Future

While your parents may be active now, things can look different in a few years and, if they do not prepare for the future, they may have to look at employing costly home carers or even worse, moving into an assisted living facility. Installing a stairlift not only provides peace of mind, but it can save money in the long run, and once your parents realise just how beneficial it will be to their lives, they’ll soon come around to the idea.

If you are not are still not sure that your parents need a stairlift, please read our article ‘Can You Spot The Signs Of Your Parents Needing A Stair Lift?’

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