Overweight people can often develop mobility issues that may cause difficulty in travelling up and down the stairs. A stairlift is therefore the ideal solution in overcoming such difficulties and ensuring you remain mobile around you whole home, whilst simultaneously reducing putting extra strain on your muscles, joints and heart.

People with obesity may fear that the stresses and strains of the physical struggle of using the stairs could force them to leave their home and move into a bungalow, or love only downstairs due to their size and limited mobility.

A heavy duty or bariatric stairlift can eliminate this worry.

Most stairlift companies’ basic models have a maximum weight limit of up to 19 stone. However, we work with companies that offer bariatric stairlifts whose plus-sized options include weight capacities of:

• 21 stone / 137kg
• 25 stone / 160kg
• 31 stone / 200kg

Some of these options are also supplied with additional arm spacers to increase the distance between arms and a wider seat base, giving the user more comfort.

If a bariatric stairlift suits your needs, to find the right solution for your home.

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