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Here at, UK’s leading independent stairlift website we conducted one of the largest stairlift surveys so get real users views and opinions to shed some light on the buying and ownership experience.

We asked three main questions to receive factual answers and dispel any views which may not be correct when buying and owning a stairlift.

“If you think you could do with one then you definitely do need one and they bring back your confidence”

Q1. How quickly was you stairlift installed?

Why did we ask this question – it’s a common misconception that a stairlift can take a long time to order and install, and is a bigger job than it actually is. This simply is not true. You can see from the below responses that 74% were installed within a week from placing the order. The physical installation for a straight stairlift can usually be completed within a day.

Pie chat 1 from survey 2021

Q2. Do you wish you bought a stairlift earlier?

People often delay purchasing a stairlift, as they may see it as an admission to becoming less independent. However, think of it this way – would you delay in purchasing a washing machine to make your life easer? Probably not, see a stairlift as a simple home improvement to enhance your life. An incredible 48% of user’s surveys said they wished they purchased earlier.

Pie chart 2 from survey 2021

Q3. Has a stairlift improved your life?

There is no disputing a stairlift is a life enhancing purchase, and the response to our survey confirmed this with 91% confirming it has improved their quality of life.

Pie chart 3 from survey 2021

The Conclusion

The overall results clearly show a stairlift is a life enhancing purchase, to help maintain independence. There is no reason to delay, which the majority of owners wishing the purchase sooner.

“If you're thinking of getting one do it sooner rather than later as the difference it makes is great.”
“Don’t hesitate. It made life much easier.”
“Makes life easier. Independence.”
“Don’t hesitate it has improved my husband quality of life %100.”
“A great aid in maintaining the quality of life - do not delay the installation once stair climbing becomes a burden and a difficulty.”
“You will not regret it.”

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