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Safety Features

Most modern stairlifts include features that will aid in safety. Now we are going to take a look, a close look, at some of those functions on our Acorn stairlift today. So this is the main control panel and we’ve got an on switch. There’s a digital display that will show any errors and it will also bleep if there is any errors. This is the key. Now the good thing about the key is that it gives you the ability to disable the stairlift. This is useful if you’ve got young grandchildren; you can actually take the key out so the stairlift won’t work.
Now, for added security our stairlift came with a seatbelt. This is a universal seatbelt; just like you would find in a car. It’s very easy to operate and just give that added security. We’re often asked about obstructions, pets, or things left on the actual stairs. Now, perhaps we will demonstrate with our stunt bear. The stairlift comes with a track sensor. This safety sensor knows that there is an obstruction and stops the stairlift. if the obstruction is removed, the stairlift will then reactivate and will carry on up the track. There’s a very similar sensor on the foot plate. We can see that demonstrate as it hits the ball, activates and locks the stair lift. Removing the obstruction allows the stairlift to continue. There’s some nice features there if you do have pets in the home. Now another thing that we are asked regularly about is power cuts. Now whether there would be a power cut during the use of the stairlift, our stairlifts come with a battery backup so even with the power disconnected the stairlift will still enable you to finish your trip to the top or the bottom of the stairs.