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Aesthetic Demonstrate

One of the main concerns people have when having a stairlift fitted in the home is really the aesthetics and how it will look. People are worried that the stairlift is going to make their stairs and hall way look ugly. In this video, we are going to look at how a stairlift folds away to minimize the space that it takes up. Having a look at the stairs and the room that’s left on the stairs; talk a little bit about the different colors that people can use to blend in their stairlift to your home.
Okay, now using our head cam, you can take a closer look at a stairlift installation. Now you will notice that the stairlift is stored snuggly to the back wall. This really maximizes the usable space on the stairs. The track is designed to fit flush at both ends of the stairs and this means that it is untrusive and doesn’t and take up too much room on the landing. Now, also stairlifts are made with neutral colors and you can also choose fabric for the seat that will match the decor of your home.
Now on these next shots, we focus on the usable space on the stairs and as you can see with the stairlift folded away, creates a little room and the stairs can be used normally. folding the stairlift away is very easy. Simply tilt the foot rest, and the chair, and the arm rest. This leaves the stairs free for people to use.