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Acorn Stairlifts

Acorn Stairlifts are a British based company that pride themselves on quality craftsmanship, providing stairlifts that fit directly to your stairs and not to your walls. This means that when you choose them to fit a stairlift, the installation won’t be messy and cause damage to the structural work of your home so that you can get on with enjoying your independence to the max, rather than worrying about cleaning up after workers!

Age UK Stairlifts

Age UK is a charity that aims to help people enjoy every moment of their lives as they get older. They recognise that ageing can be a challenging process but strive to help people see the good in the new phases they face. As part of their fundraising drive, they sell a range of products so that their supporters can help them continue their work through purchases you may need to make at some point in your life.

Brooks Stairlifts

Brooks Stairlifts were founded by Frederick Brooks, a man with engineering experience and a wife that needed help getting around the house. He created the MK1, his first ever stairlift and soon began to sell them to people that wanted to remain as independent as possible. The company has gone from strength to strength and are still developing new technologies and producing modern stairlifts for a large customer base.

Companion Stairlifts

Companion Stairlifts is not only one of the largest stairlift installation companies in the UK, but they also manufacture their own stairlifts too. The great thing about this is that you know precisely where your stairlift has come from and can feel confident that you are using equipment that is safe and adheres to the current European and British safety standards.

Handicare Stairlifts

Handicare is an international stairlift company that is driven to help all people remain independent in their own homes and have sold their products to customers in over 20 different countries. They offer a wide selection of stairlifts and boast the slimmest stairlift on the market, which is great if you don’t have much space to work with and still need a mobility solution for your home.

Stannah Stairlifts

Stannah Stairlifts are iconic in the world of mobility aids, and most people will have heard of this brand. With their comprehensive range of stairlifts, they have solutions for straight or curved stairs and can install stairlifts both inside the home and outside. This means that you will be able to enjoy complete freedoms to explore your home and garden as and when you want to!

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