Straight Stair lifts

Buying and installing straight stairlifts

is a cheaper and quicker option, when compared to the costs and fitting involved for a curved starlift.

A single straight stairlift can be fitted to a staircase which has no bends, as illustrated below:
straight stairlift

Straight lifts are cheaper than curved as the track does not have to be tailored made to follow the bends of a curved staircase. The track will only have to be adjusted in the length to ensure it runs the full length of the staircase.

If your staircase has a couple of steps leading to a platform then no further bends to the top, then a straight chair lift may be able to be fitted if you a capable for climbing the first two steps to the platform.

A useful addition to the stair lift is a swivel seat which allows you to exit the chair on the landing rather than the top step by swiveling the seat 90 degrees.

On some occasions two straight lifts may be fitted even if your staircase curves as illustrated below:
2 x straight lifts

With this style of lifts you will need to walk between the two lifts.

If you are unsure of which style of lift you require please call us for help and advic