Stair lifts feature

Stairlifts – How to find the right model for you?

There is a huge choice of makes and models of stairlifts available in the UK today for sale. A stair lift is a large capital investment and as a result UK buyers need to make a careful and considered choice. To help customers better understand the features and specifications of stair lifts, we have complied the following guide. Watch our video on stairlift features.

Safety Sensors

Safety Sensors ensures that the stair lift does not collide with anyone using the stairs, whilst stair lift is in operation. Many stair lifts come with up to 8 inbuilt sensors.

Swivel Seats

Swivel seats allow the user to make a smooth and safe exit from the stair lift as they allow user to turn and step directly on the landing, rather than using the top step.

Soft Start & Stop

This is a great feature which ensures the stair lift speed builds and descends gradually, without a sudden jolt, ensuring a smooth ride. When testing a stair lift the ride should be smooth, safe and consistent.

DC Power.

Some stair lifts run off DC power rather than a direct mains connection with a built on battery which automatically charges when resting. This set up gives a back up in the event of a power failure ensuring the stair lift can be used for a small number of trips, even with no household power.

Remote Control

If you have more than one user in the house a remote control is vital to allow the user to ‘’call’’ the stair lift and return it to the bottom or top of stairs on demand.


Before you decide on a stair lift look closely at the controls and how they suit you. Many people now find joystick controls easier to use than button controls.