Reconditioned, Used and Secondhand Stair Lifts

When buying a stair lift from reputable supplier there are two main options available, these being to buy new or to buy reconditioned.

New stairlifts – as you would expect, these are brand new products.

The advantages of buying new are:

• Greater choice of makes and models from supplier to suit your exact needs.
• Faultless condition.
• Manufacturer’s warranty.
• To fit almost all staircases.
• Readily available for fitting.
• Made to fit for complicated curved staircases.

The disadvantages being:

• Costs- more expensive than reconditioned stairlifts.
Reconditioned stairlifts – are second hand products which should have been refurbished, serviced and tested.

The advantages being:

• Cost – cheaper than new stair lifts.
• Warranty – good suppliers will offer a 12 month warranty.

The disadvantages being:

• Less choice in terms of makes and models.
• May not be able to find a lift to fit your staircase, especially if you have a curved staircase.
• May be in good, but not pristine condition compared to new.

If you are considering buying a reconditioned stairlift be sure to purchase from a reputable supplier. Be wary of buying second hand from private individuals – will it fit your staircase? Who will install it? Does it have a warranty? Are parts still available?

Our preferred partner offers reconditioned stair lifts which have been thoroughly tested with a 12 months warranty at extremely competitive prices.

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