Curved Stairlift

Depending on your staircase you will either require a straight or a curved lift. If your staircase curves round a corner or has a 90 degree bend then you may require a curved stairlfit. 

Curved stairlifts have to be specially made to follow your stair case. Due to the fact that the stair lift will have to be specially made the cost will be more than a straight stairlift. The manufacturing time will also be longer than that of a straight stair lift as it will have to be custom made. 

Just because your stairs are not completely straight does not necessarily mean you need a curved stair lift. Often you can combine two straight stair lifts with a platform. This option is usually cheaper than the curved option.


Below are illustrations of typical staircases that may suit a curved staircase:


Staircase with platform or curved
2 x straight or curved staircase
curved staircase

curved staircase